Sun Hydraulics

RDL Hydraulics is a distributor of Sun Hydraulics Corp.

Sun Hydraulics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of all types of cartridge valves.

proporcjonalny zawór nabojowy

proportional cartridge valve

Sun Hydraulics valves are used in both stationary as well as mobile hydraulic systems, proving their quality and reliability everywhere.

Basic types of the offered valves:
  • overflow valves,
  • pressure reducing valves,
  • check valves,
  • throttle/check valves,
  • brake valves,
  • flow regulators,
  • flow synchronizers.
zawory nabojowe

cartridge valves

The main features that distinguish the Sun Hydraulics valves are as follows:
  • use of only few standard seats in all types of valves,
  • use of only five types of valves with highly unified spare parts,
  • reliability and long service life,
  • corrosion resistance by hot galvanizing of external parts,
  • very low leakages providing very stiff characteristics,
  • versions made of stainless steel.
Use of Sun Hydraulics valves in hydraulic systems provides:
  • increasing of reliability and simplification of the systems,
  • reduction of number of leaking points,
  • decreasing of installation costs and simplification of servicing,
  • reduction of installation time and reduction number of spare parts,
  • decrease of the system dimensions and weight.