SKF Group is the largest global provider of products, solutions and services in the bearings and sealing industry, and industries related to rotary motion.

RDL Hydraulics is trade partner of SKF, mainly in the areas of lubrication and filtration.

Lubricant distributors

Brief characteristics of our offer:

Studies show that you can prevent over 60% of bearing failures by using appropriate tools for servicing, and observing the requirements of correct lubrication.

By using the following groups of tools and lubricants, it is possible to minimize nuisance problems associated with machine failures.

Product groups:

FF pumping unit with up to 12 pumping ports

  • mechanical tools (wrenches, pullers, etc.),
  • heaters,
  • measuring instruments (thermometers, stethoscopes, vibration pens , diagnostic tools),
  • hydraulic tools,
  • automatic greasing pumps,
  • greases, etc.

The close relationship between the reliable operation of machinery and proper lubrication is the main reason for the centralized lubrication systems, which have long been an indispensable part of the SKF offer.

Lubrication systems can dispense oils, lubricants and plastic greases up to viscosity class NLGI2 (sometimes NLGI3). They can work as systems with total loss of lubricant or circulating oil lubrication systems.

What is the proper lubrication?