RDL Hydraulics is an exclusive distributor of company Funke in Poland.

Since over 40 years Funke has been designing and manufacturing heat exchangers up to areas of 2000 sq. m.

Funke’s solutions are applied at nearly the all industries. They may be executed both, as standard, as well as made according to the special customer’s requirements.

Authorized distributor of Funke

Funke’s offer encompasses:

  • shell-and-tube heat exchangers
    • Standard type – made with so preliminary selected modules to assure quick delivery time, excellent price performance ration, and proven reliability
    • Customized special type – made strictly according to customer’s requirements, per custom specifications, in compliance with international norms and engineering standards
    • Safety design, three chamber
  • plate heat exchangers
  • oil / air cooling units

Heat exchangers made by Funke are designed and calculated strictly according to customers’ requirements in terms of: process engineering, thermodynamics, strength analysis and vibrations (pursuant to Pressure Equipment Directive PED).

Funke has had much experience in customers’ requirements (even the most stringent), used in global markets, especially for shell-and-tube exchangers.

Funke Quality Heat Exchangers